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These are the general terms and conditions that apply for purchases of products or services relating to the Direct Leadership® training concept developed and owned by ZASTROW.


Our products are delivered digitally or physically. Digitally via email or online access. Physically as services/activities (courses, seminars, 1-1 sessions, lectures, events or by mail and/or other delivery providers). 

Digital deliveries usually take place during just a few minutes. Delivery times for physical products and services may vary according to the nature of the service/activity.  

The client is obliged to accept delivery of the services/activities within the agreed time frame. If the client desires to change the time schedule of the delivery ZASTROW must be advised immediately and ZASTROW is obliged to deliver at the earliest convenience subject to the terms below.  

In case of illness or other force majeure with ZASTROW or with a sub-contractor – ZASTROW may postpone an activity until the first feasible opportunity.  

In such case ZASTROW is obliged to notify of such issues or the risk thereof as soon as these come to ZASTROW’s knowledge.  

If a client cancels a service/an activity less than 30 days before the event begins, there is no refund of the payment.   

If – because of decisions or conditions relative to the client - a delivery cannot take place within the agreed time frame or if the client twice postpones a delivery, there will be no refund of the payment for the un-delivered activities.  

In the event that a postponement entails other expenses, such as travel costs, the production or purchase of particular materials, and if these because of the postponement cannot be used at a later time or for other clients, a compensation of ZASTROW’s production costs plus 15 percent is released. 


Products and services may be bought using VISA, Master Card and other major credit cards (Danish Dankort, however, only when the card is a combined VISA/Dankort). 


When you have bought a subscription service, an email confirmation will be sent to you. Subsequently, the price indicated on the product page, will automatically be charged to the credit card for each subscription period and a receipt will be sent by email. 

You may discontinue a subscription at any time by writing to info@directleadership.com or by logging into your account to cancel the subscription. The cancellation takes effect immeditately and you will receive no further invoices. Already issued invoices, however, must still be paid.  

If you wish to change the payment card from which your subscription fee is drawn it may be done by clicking the link that you find in your invoices.  

Unless otherwise notified, you may freely return your purchase within 14 days from the date of purchase. All you need to do is to contact us at info@directleadership.com and we will refund your money. 


All rights in relation to courses, seminars, 1:1 sessions, lecture and/or other events, physical materials and digital products - and in any language – belong to ZASTROW. A purchase of a product/service/activity only allows the purchasing party to use such product/service/activity for their own learning purpose and not for copying or resale.  


All prices are without VAT. Besides the costs specified in the quotation and/or order confirmation ZASTROW will invoice transportation and lodging that is not otherwise provided by the client.  

Agreements about further courses, services and/or other activities not specified in the product information for the purchase must be agreed separately with ZASTROW and/or one of its associated suppliers. 


For the sake of good order it must be mentioned that by virtue of international property law only trainers who are duly authorized in the below mentioned programs may give Direct Leadership®, training, just as such authorized trainers alone have access to the workbooks, trainer materials, etc. relevant to each concept.  


October 2017/kz 


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