Value 1 check mark - Direct Leadership
The employee duties you must support
Value 2 check mark - Direct Leadership
The essence of remote leadership
Value 3 check mark - direct leadership
A dialogue that inspires remote work

Remote Leadership is more Challenging

The need for leadership is the same, but the communication channel is narrow.

Your leadership needs to be crystal clear and consistent

The risk that "stuff falls between the cracks" is higher 

You can overcome these challenges!

Lead and support your employees in their duties

Be clear and consistent in your leadership - using two practical sets of tools

Lead through a dialogue that boosts remote collaboration and minimises misunderstandings

All the Essentials are Covered!

The Generic Employee Duties

The course begins with an overview of the generic employee duties. This is a set of general job responsibilities that all employees recognise.

As a leader it is your job to help your employees succeed in their duties! 

When you take cue from the employee responsibilities, you can provide a leadership that is relevant and engaging.

A leadership that employees will react positively to - and succeed! 

The Essence of Remote Leadership

The essence of remote leadership is to communicate and engage with your employees around their responsibilities.

To do this successfully, you must optimise your communication and interaction within the available communication channels. 

This program covers all the employee responsibilities and gives you a set of tools. The tools are designed to ensure that your employees instantly understand how your interventions will help them in each area.

A Dialogue to Inspire Remote Work

Build a few good habits in the way you communicate, and it will be easy for you to lead a remote dialogue that inspires remote work and leadership.

The course suggests that you use 2 tools. 

The first - signature statements - are a set of statements, specifically designed to support an reinforce employee performance in a given area. 

The second - the dialogue eco-cycle - is a template for leading a remote dialogue.  

3 Easy Steps to Success in Remote Leadership

Buy the Online Crash Cource

Purchasing the Remote Direct Leadership® Online Crash Course is your first step to succeeding in Remote Leadership.

Learn the Essentials

Next step is to go through the 7 lessons of the course in your own pace and learn the essentials of what you need to do, as a leader for remote workers.

Deliver Remote Leadership

Now you will be confident with your role as a remote direct leader. You will know how to be clear and consistent. You know how to lead your workers to success. 

Who is this course for?

This course is for you if:

  • You have 3 or more employees reporting directly to you
  • One or more of your employees work in a different location
  • You want a clear and practical approach to remote leadership

This course is not for you if:

  • You don't have employees reporting directly to you
  • You are searching for technical/digital solutions to remote communication
  • You are not looking for a practical program, but prefer a theoretical lecture on remote leadership