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Direct Leadership® – The Essential Leadership Deliverables

Lead with Confidence | Engage Employees

Invest just 4 hours and learn the most effective way to do so!


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Catch the leadership opportunities when they occur
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Speak your intentions with clarity
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Enjoy productive and engaged employees

Frequent Challenges for Leaders

You are asked to lead a team but left to yourself to figure out how that translates into action.
You have few people or no-one to bounce-off ideas with.

It isn’t clear how your leadership efforts will be measured.

You aren’t given the leadership tools you need to succeed.

Employee expectations from you are unrealistic.

This isn’t fair and it doesn’t have to be this way!

When you master the leadership deliverables this list of injustices can disappear and you can become the leader that both your boss and your employees praise.

Master the Leadership Deliverables

Catch the leadership opportunities when they occur

When you know the leadership deliverables and the areas of responsibility you need to cover you'll turn into a human radar and can easily catch the leadership opportunities as they present themself in the day-to-day work. 

Speak your intentions with clarity

When you know how to analyse a leadership opportunity and decide what intervention is needed, you can speak your intention with clarity.

In this way employees will experience you as a straightforward and engaged leader.

Enjoy productive and engaged employees

As you start to implement the leadership deliverables, your employees will see you as an engaged leader who speaks with clarity. They will respond by being more productive and engaged. And you can enjoy how the next leadership appraisal sets you in a class of your own.


"Direct Leadership proves to be a very practical and hands-on model"


CEO Pinetree Senior Care Services Ltd. China


The Easy Way to Success

It's easy to succeed with the Direct Leadership® method:

  • Learn to master the Leadership Deliverables in less than 4 hours with our online program
  • Practice and implement your skills - the online program teaches you how
  • Enjoy becoming a success! Your employees will be engaged and productive and your boss will be satisfied with your excellent leadership.

Learn Online

First you need to Master the Leadership deliverables; Catch the leadership opportunities, assess the areas of responsibility and make your intention clear.  Learn this online in less than 4 hours. 


Practice your skills in your day-to-day leadership. The online program includes practice drills and there's an entire module dedicated to help you implement. In this way your new leadership approach is well received by both your boss and your employees.


When you master the leadership deliverables and use them in the day-to-day leadership of your employees, you will quickly see results. You will now provide the sort of leadership that creates engaged employees and you can enjoy the feeling of being a successful leader.

Here's a breakdown of the entire program:

After a short introductory module you get 7 video training modules that take you step-by-step through the course.

In the accompanying workbook you get summaries, spaces for completing a series of throughout the course and templates for implementing your learning.

You can check out these templates immediately after you register, and get to work on building your leadership skills right away.

The total duration of the video modules is 1hour and 20 minutes. But along the way we will frequently be asking you to pause the video and do some exercises, so you should expect to spend a minimum of 3,5 hours to complete the entire course.


Welcome Module

This module will give you an orientation and a quick start. 


Workbook Module

The workbook is especially designed for this online course.

We want you to download and print it before you start module 1.


Module 1:  Starting the Journey

This module is designed to give you an overview of the various components of the Direct Leadership model and method:

  • leadership opportunities
  • leadership deliverables
  • the 7 roles of direct day-to-day leadership that must be encoded on your radar
  • the 4 contemporary leadership styles that all leaders must master and choose between


Module 2: Leadership Opportunities and Roles

The module 2 video shows you:

  • how the nature of everyday leadership depends on your readiness to catch the LEADERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES. 
  • that there are 7 generic leadership roles =7 different sets of responsibilities to shoulder.
  • that you must SELECT between these in order to communicate with clarity to your employees.

In fact, after this module, you may already take the first steps of implementing your learning and managing what people expect from you! 


Module 3: Leadership Styles

In this video, you learn how to interact with people in the four distinctly different ways that:

  • any leader in today's workplace must master
  • you must use with different purposes 
  • will get you different results 
  • must be chosen according to your intention in a given moment

After this module you know all the individual components of the Direct Leadership model and are ready to combine and transform them into a mindset and a method that you apply on every leadership opportunity you come across. 


Module 4: Combining Roles & Styles

In this short video you'll see exactly how the Direct Leadership Model turns into a Method and a Mindset, by which you may tackle the leadership opportunities when they occur. 

The process is: 

  • CATCH ... the leadership opportunity
  • ASSESS ... the role perspective you wish to apply
  • SELECT ... the relevant action style 

Now you just need a bit of practice and then you are ready to implement the entire method and fundamentally change your leadership impact. 


Module 5: Practice your skills

The saying "practice makes perfect" also applies to leadership methods. 

In this video lesson you get opportunity to practice the CATCH - ASSESS - SELECT process on a series of leadership opportunities, all of which:

  • are authentic challenges that other managers before yourself have faced
  • are typical day-to-day situations that you are likely to come across
  • reflect the nature of direct everyday leadership
  • must be tackled by you - the person with the direct leadership responsibility

Finally, you get to compare your choices with ours and notice how many matches you have.


Module 6: Implement & Take Control

The crucial step after learning a new skill is always to turn what you've learned from theory into practice.

Because Direct Leadership can make such an big difference to yourself and your employees, this course module guides you through a simple 5-step recipe for implementing the method right away:

  1. Introduce your standards
  2. Identify the current challenges 
  3. Sort/Check/Conclude
  4. Launch your plan
  5. Switch to "Operations Mode" 


Module 7: Lead Together

The earlier modules taught you how to become a leader who is perceived as clear and consistent in your day-to-day interaction with staff.

Besides this, the Direct Leadership method also makes the conversation among leaders about leadership matters easier and more efficient.  

  • Maybe you're a member of a leadership team in need of discussing what needs to be encouraged in the entire staff
  • Perhaps you're a leader of other leaders needing to coach a subordinate manager in conducting his job
  • Or maybe you and a peer leader need to discuss how to organise a work process that involves employees from both of your teams

In all cases, a discussion centered on leadership deliverables is the most fruitful course of action. 

This final module teaches you how to apply Direct Leadership as a language and a tool for that type of discussions.  

How is Direct Leadership® different?

Direct Leadership is:

  • Employee-centric

  • Pragmatic

  • Operational

  • No-nonsense

  • Understandable for employees

And the focus on leadership deliverables allows the choice of leadership handles to turn to become a topic that leaders discuss freely and openly with each other. Something that is nearly impossible when leadership is defined by competencies or personality traits.

Who is this program for?

The online course Direct Leadership® – The Essential Leadership Deliverables gives a practical approach that will benefit any leader of 3 or more "direct reports", whether they are:

  • new to the leadership responsibility
  • already experienced
  • middle managers
  • team leaders
  • distance leaders 
  • project leaders (if the employee spends considerable time in the project)
  • leaders-of-leaders
  • HR-professionals responsible for leadership training
  • executives in need of strengthening the quality of everyday leadership in an entire organisation

Who is this program not for?

This program is not for you if:

  • your title of leader or manager does not include having direct reports
  • your title of project leader only gives you access to a small fraction of your project members' time
  • you are looking for theoretical inspiration not an operational approach
  • you are looking for a psychological self-insight/self-development training
  • you are not interested in people


“To me Direct Leadership has been a very good tool to create clear expectations about leadership at different levels of my organization”



CEO of Danish Employment Insurance Company


  • Do:Leadership™ Group

    “Direct Leadership proves to be a very practical, hands-on model that initiates our middle managers into the new positions that they are in as leaders. I belive that your training will help equip them with the thinking process and approaches which are needed in their daily activities when working with their team members as well as with other teams”

    CEO Pinetree Senior Care Services Ltd. China

  • Do:Leadership™ Group

    “To me Direct Leadership has been a very good tool to create clear expectations about leadership at different levels of my organization”

    CEO of Danish Employment Insurance Company

  • Do:Leadership™ Group

    “This was the most thought-provoking and fun simulation I have ever played in a management training course. ”

    Retail Dealer Training, Xi’An, China.